A Red Front Door legacy...

This week a dear friend passed away....yet as sad as I am, I know she isn't suffering any longer. That makes my heart happy, I know it had been a difficult many years for her. She can now be at peace, without fear, without pain.

The Red Front Door idea began years before the website existed... we painted the front door of our home red and began filling it every other month with amazing artisans. People came. We did it again. And people came....again and more people came. For four years we ran "Red Front Door Shows" in Buckeye, Arizona. From those shows, we have a core group of artisans who became more than vendors next to each other, we became friends. We became a family....yes we became a Red Front Door family.

Kim was an OG at our shows, she was my neighbor who became an amazing friend, badass card maker, an incredible human being. She was a mother, she was a wife, she was laughter to the silence, she was life to the party, she was light to the darkness so many times.

She brought the coffee maker to our shows, kept us all going for the insanity. We laughed if she was late, where is Kim and the coffee? Across the street hurriedly she'd come, coffee maker in her lap. She was shy the first few shows, and I hounded her to look up, smile and greet folks - fake it till ya make it Kim. We had talk after talk about it, and eventually she got the hang of it. And she THRIVED and sold cards, gift tags and all things paper. People came to our shows JUST to get her was amazing to see her blossom.

She was adventurous and free spirited. She didn't give a shit what anyone thought, she helped me become fearless to strive and never give up on my passions. She is a huge factor behind us starting this online shop. Many of the vendors have moved from Buckeye, or moved from Arizona. But being online allows us to work together, no matter how many miles separate us.

When Kim told me she was retiring from cards, that ALS had robbed her of the use of her hands, my heart broke. She was a staple at the shows, she was a staple in my life. Some things are not the same without all the pieces...she rode the wave with us as we grew. She rode the wave as we closed the doors and decided to retire the show.

Her family has asked for donations to be made to ALS foundations in her memory. We three behind RFDS have decided a portion of all sales will be donated to ALS research from here on out. We will honor a Red Front Door original, now an angel we cannot see, however her impact on our hearts will be felt for the rest of our lives. There are so many times in a a month...sometimes in a day, that I think of her in some way. She reminds us that life is to be lived to the fullest and best it can be. oxox

**** (One Valentine's Day season Kim was inundated with hearts and hearts and more hearts....she opted for some cute xoxo card designs. She brought some of them over during an open door coffee time to see what we all thought. Picking one of the cards up, I said "Kim did you realize this is upside down and says oxox?" and the table of women busted out laughing. The "oxox" card became infamous among us and to this day a few of us who where there to see and laugh about the oxox card still sign our text

s that way. We remember her, remember her laugh, remember that she was human, we remember that she could turn anything into a positive. She created a legacy with a single card....oxox)****

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