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Meet the Makers: An Ongoing Series of Blog “Chats” With RFDS Vendors Red Front Door began as an in-home show at my Buckeye, AZ home. I adore making and selling soap and wanted to give my customers more items to buy beyond my soaps. So, I invited local artisans and makers to sell their lovingly-made items alongside me. The show grew from two to over twenty vendors and hundreds of patrons. What I loved about the in-home shows was the buzz of conversation between makers and customers, the shopper-to-shopper comments, and the maker-to-maker exchanges. The artisans spoke with such pride about their work and were thrilled by the reactions of customers. A great time was definitely had by all. Eventually the show outgrew my home and it was retired. However, I ached to work with those amazing vendors again. I also had a dream to expand my business and create a one-stop shopping venue that spotlights small businesses and their handcrafted pieces. With the challenges, isolation and sadness 2020 brought, I decided to revive the Red Front Door shows but shifted gears, making incredible handmade items accessible to everyone -- completely online. Although the platform is different, the mission remains the same. A one-stop shop for local, high quality handmade products. But, virtual comes with a challenge. Missing are the one-on-one experiences between makers and customers. Shoppers cannot hear directly from the artisans about their work and learn what sets it apart from what the mass-produced things big-box stores carry. So, we are starting an ongoing series of blog “chats” with Red Front Door Store vendors. This is our way for you to get to know them. You’ll find out… How they became “obsessed” with their craft. What makes them tick and be creative. How the process and techniques that go into their making. And, more… Read, enjoy, and consider yourselves introduced! Below is our first "installment" presented in interview style.

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Meet the Maker: Judy Sall who is sew in love with fabric

Meet Judy Sall, with Judy Sall Originals, the maker behind the coiled fabric bowls, vibrant hand-dyed silk scarves and botanical print cards available on the site. So we asked her…

What got you started in your craft?

I have been an artist and crafter all my life. I started doing Tie-Dye several years ago, and fell in love with the process. From there, I branched out to other textile arts, and continue to explore new techniques and mediums.

What is your motivation?

I love to create! It’s a gift my mother awakened in me when I was a girl, and it has been a part of my life ever since. When I create something, it brings me joy. When someone likes it well enough to buy it, I am thrilled to share what I do with them.

What hooked you on fabric bowls?

I wanted to find more items to offer for sale, and have always loved bowls. I started learning to make the bowls about 8 years ago to use up my ever-growing stash of fabric scraps, and immediately became hooked! I found a tutorial on a blog I was following and it gave me the basic instructions.

What makes your products stand out against another maker in the same field?

I try to make a bowl that is functional as well as decorative – something the buyer will be happy to display on their kitchen counter or as a table decoration, but they can also use it for storing household items like fruits, a place to lay their keys, cell phone, pocket change, etc.

What's the craziest piece/item you've ever made?

Hard to decide, but I have one in particular that ended up looking like a Carousel! It’s actually a bowl with a ruffled edge and a lid with a funky knob on top.

What's your favorite thing to make?

My Autumn Leaves bowls

Anything else you'd like to share?

People are always curious about how I make my bowls, so I thought I would share a few process pictures so they can see a bowl as it is transformed from rope and fabric strips to a one of a kind functional and decorative item for the home!

Do you have a website?

My website is, which has a list of places where they can find my work.

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