Bath Duo

Bath Duo

This dynamic and hygienic duo is ready to battle dirt and grime and get you squeaky clean. Or, just give you a gentle refresh. These pairs include one embroidered towel from Newton's Apple-que and one coordinating handmade soap from Little Cabin Soaps.  

The absorbent and sturdy 100% cotton towels are embellished with quality thread and adorable designs. To prevent shrinkage and color bleed, they are washed and dried post embroidering. Easy care: machine wash and tumble dry low. Iron for best results (the design lies perfectly flat when ironed).

At Little Cabin Soaps, soap is family tradition. Taught by her mother, Jana creates cold and hot process soap. Every batch is made from scratch.


Choose from:

Citrus Set: Includes one "Fresh Picked Lemons" design waffle-weave ruffled towel from Newton's Apple-que and one bar of Arizona Sunshine soap (Brightly scented with notes of lemon, sweet lemongrass and newly mown hay.. This scrubby salt bar has been made with carrot juice and sea salt. For those who love a rough bar, these are deal for use on feet) from Little Cabin Soaps.


Coffee Set: Includes one "Coffee Talk" design waffle-weave ruffled towel from Newton's Apple-que and one bar of unscented Coffee Talk soap (using ground coffee beans for excellent exfoliation and coconut milk for moisture) from Little Cabin Soaps.


Honey Set: Includes one "Welcome to our Hive" design waffle-weave ruffled towel from Newton's Apple-que and one bar of Oatmeal Milk & Honey soap (local raw honey from Sun Tan Honey Farm. Oats lend gentle exfoliation while honey encourages skin to retain natural moisture. Sweetly scented with notes of warm milk, sweet honey and a hint of sugared oats. ) from Little Cabin Soaps.


Lavender Set: Includes one "Lavender" design waffle-weave towel from Newton's Apple-que and one bar of Lavender Provencal soap (made with lavender essential oil and dried lavender flowers) from Little Cabin Soaps.


Strawberry Set: Includes one "U Pick Strawberries" design waffle-weave ruffled towel from Netwon's Apple-que and one sweetly scented bar of Strawberries N Cream stone soap from Little Cabin Soaps.


Utensils Set: Includes one "Kitchen Utensils with Flowers" design waffle-weave ruffled towel from Newton's Apple-que and one softly scented Mountain Flowers stone soap (soft notes of lilac, sweet wildflowers and sugared cranberry) from Little Cabin Soaps.


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