Candles ~ by Flg Candle Co

Candles ~ by Flg Candle Co

Locally made by Flg Candle Co. - these generous 16oz jar candles are perfect to add ambiance to your home. Created using a soy wax blend, these candles burn cleanly. Remember to trim your wick and never leave candles burning unattended! 


Black Sea: Sweet & salty oceanic scents combine with an undercurrent of amber and vanilla. A blend of predominantly cardamom and clove essential oils.


Cucumber Melon: Lightly scented with notes of ripe melon, freshly sliced cucumber and a hint of summertime.


Pine Forest: Reminds you of a spring walk in the woods! An infusion of fir needle, eucalyptus, and cedar leaf essential oils combine to make a scent that is refreshing, soothing, and earthy.


Unscented: Ideal for those who want to set the mood without a fragrance.


All candles are 16oz glass jar with screw top lid.