Holey Bowls ~ by West End Pottery

Holey Bowls ~ by West End Pottery

Holey bowls..............inspired by Kim, our OG Red Front Door gal who we miss deeply. Kim was a card maker, who struggled with ALS for many years. This spring she lost her battle to the disease... we have a void in our lives, a hole in our hearts and a space that will never be filled in our lives.


As we did our shows together, we became friends. RFDS is born of our desire to still work with each other easily though many of us have moved to different states. We remain strong true friends through the years, across the miles and as our lives change. 


Kim requested a seriously unique bowl one morning at a meeting. A bowl full of holes, so many holes it was delicate. She had a photo of something like her vision, a white bowl with lots of different sized and placed holes. A gift to be given to her sister if it could be created....well Mike with West End Pottery enjoys a challenge. He took the request head on and created a spectacular collection of holey bowls, with Kim's white request first in the line up.


As they years went by, the bowls became popular and there is a following for them. When Kim passed away this year, Mike was inspired to create a special design, in honor of Kim. Each bowl has a ring of holes, a halo, in the design. Kim was an angel in our lives, at our shows and remains on our minds as we navigate this adventure without her. Though you may not have known Kim, there are going to be many products you can know her through. This is the first one, a truly special line created in loving memory of her. 


Use them to strain hot pasta, to rinse berrries and fruit. Our customers use them as decor just because, or to hold grapes or berries in the fridge. Ideal for potpourri on a table, the holes allow the fragrance to fill the room. 


This load of bowls was fired to approx 2300 degrees in a gas fired kiln, in a reduced oxygen environment.  That is, the amount of oxygen in the kiln is choked off using a damper in the chimney.   

Although they are microwave and dishwasher safe we don't recommend either. Please carefully handwash these bowls, their holes give a lacy pattern, making them fragile. They will benefit from careful loving hand washing each time. Air dry or gently towel dry. Bowls vary slightly in size, they are one of a kind handmade. Each measures approximately 4" high and 7"-8" wide around the top.


We hesitate to ship these bowls due to their fragility, thus they are available for pick up only. To order one is easy! Our website settings do not allow an item to be a assigned pick up only, to remedy this pleae fill out the contact form letting us know which bowl you'd like,  we will email an invoice to you and arrange a day for porch pick up. We DO regularly come to the greater Phoenix area, and greater Flagstaff area. We are happy to arrange pick up at either place.


The merging of the glazes varies depending on the firing. So, your bowl will look even more brilliant in person. No assembly line production here! We've done our best to capture their true colors, however due to different computer monitors ... well you get the idea. You're going to love it even more when you hold it in person!