Kimberly Blue Soap ~ by Little Cabin Soaps

Kimberly Blue Soap ~ by Little Cabin Soaps

In the words of Little Cabin Soaps........Kim. A dear friend who lost her battle to ALS this year. An unexpected joy our lives, a ball of fire and a person who was.....real. Many of us from Red Front Door grew to love her, she joined our shows and our RFD crew with her handmade cards. 


We used to do open door coffee time at the RFD house, door is open come on over. Kim always came, shy at first. One day she blew us all away, in front of about 20 people she declared her love for blueberry scented soap, and said she kept a couple of bars at all times in her dresser drawer. We all listened, rapt with her sudden burst of outgoing chat! And, I still see it clearly, she said "I keep them with my panties, so my panties always smell like blueberries!" The room BURST out with laughter and in that moment Kim became part of the family. Nothing held back, no rules no limits - just friends who love each other to the moon and back. 


After that, there was always some type of blueberry soap in stock for her. When she passed away, later that week I spoke to her sister and husband on the phone, and told them the story. After we hung up I got a text 20 minutes later. They looked in her drawer..........and there were two bars of soap, still in their proper place. I smiled. I cried. 


Someone these were being created... "I didn't know Kim. But I can know her through these soaps." That has resonated with me. The batches will change as they sell, variety is the spice of life. But they will always have the wonderful sweet scent of blueberry, blue will always be in there somewhere (even if it's under the dark vanilla bean brown!!).


These bars have turned a beautiful dark brown, due to high vanilla content in the fragrance they have deepened color to a rich mahogany brown. To launch these bars there are three choices, after the inital rough scrubby bars are sold, we will switch to silky smooth bars only.

We offer three choices as we launch these:

--Rough and scrubby salt rounds, made with Pink Himalayan sea salt, they are great for feet and elbows.

--Smooth and silky, ideal for use all over your body! Think water softener.

--The Kimberly Blue soap stone. This has stayed the "bluest" throughout cure time and is delightfully smooth.

All bars are palm free.