Lavender Hand Towel Set ~ by Newton's Apple-que

Lavender Hand Towel Set ~ by Newton's Apple-que

You can almost catch the scent of lavender with these endearing kitchen/hand towels embroidered by Newton's Apple-que. The name lavender comes from the Latin 'lavare' meaning 'to wash'. So, these designs are perfect for towels. 


Bring the aroma of lavender to life by pairing with a bar of lavender scented soap (RFDS’s Little Cabin Soap offers Lavender & Lace, Lavender Driftwood, Lavender Provencal) and/or a lavender scented candle (RFDS maker Pink Honey Candle offers White Sage & Lavender, Lavender Honey and Lavender). 


These absorbent and sturdy 100% cotton waffle-weave towels are embellished with quality thread. To prevent shrinkage, they are washed and dried prior and post embroidering. 

Easy care, machine wash and tumble dry low. Iron for best results (the design lies perfectly flat when ironed). Buy individually or by the trio set so there is always one at the ready for guests or you.