Soap Collection ~ by Little Cabin Soaps

Soap Collection ~ by Little Cabin Soaps

Created from scratch by  Little Cabin Soaps in sunny Arizona. These 3 bar collections feature synergistic bars that appeal to all skin types. Choose what delights you in the shower....


The Harvest Collection:

Perfect for the season....this three bar collections contains one bar each of: 

Apple Empanada: Delightfully scented with  comforting clove, freshly peeled apples, browned butter and sweet honey.Made with local raw honey and black tea pieces that are fabulous for exfoliation,

Pumpkin Harvest: The perfect blend of pumpkin, orange rind and warm spices. Middle notes of buttery pie crust and crushed clove, bottom notes of vanilla and smooth sandalwood. 

Spiced Fruit: Luxurious...made with heavy cream, rich avocado butter and cocoa butter. Notes of crisp apples and juicy oranges. A hint of cinnamon and clove with tart notes of cranberries.


The Mens Collection:

Perfect for the man in your life....this collection rotates through the seasons. Our current collection features one bar each of:

Coffee Talk: Left unscented, this coconut milk soap is made with freshly ground coffee beans. A delightfully scrubby bar in the shower!

Down to Earth: Absolutely a favorite here, created with black pepper essential oil, turmeric and local raw honey.

Leather: This simple soap has soft aromatic notes of supple leather. Created with shea butter, oats and activated charcoal.


The Mint Collection:

Mint is ideal all year long, cooling and refreshing in the summer. Soothing and comforting in the winter. This collection includes one bar each of:

Fella:   Created with five essential oils, it's fresh and herbal, minty with a hint of balsam. Made with French green clay and three forms of avocado.

Lavender Mint: Lavender Mint is ideal for those who aren't fan of lavender, this will change your mind.  Created with floral lavender and a blend of two mints.

Tea Tree Mint Stone: A popular combination, sweet mint blended with bold tea tree essential oil. This clay soap (kaolin clay) batch has added mint leaves from the garden for subtle exfoliation.