Candles ~ by Pink Honey Candle

Candles ~ by Pink Honey Candle

Handmade by Pink Honey Candle LLC in sunny Arizona. Vegan, soy based and never tested on animals. 12oz glass jar size burns approximately 30-40 hours. Always read burn instructions on the bottom of the candle! Never leave a lit candle unsupervised. Always burn responsibly.

*For summertime months, candles are available ONLY at porch pop up events or for custom porch pick up orders. If you'd like to order candles for porch pick up please contact us, we will send a custom invoice for your entire order and have it ready on the day of your choice.*


Available scents:

Bamboo Coconut: Rich with creamy sweet notes of coconut, fresh green leaves and tender fruit. Perfect for every season, scented on the softer side.


Black Tie: Hints of sage infused citrus with earth and herbal tones. It's complicated, warm and sexy.


Campfire & Smores: Toasted marshmallow mingles with brown sugar, notes of campfire and a hint of molasses. Wonderfully simple, sweet and brings us back to the good old days...a softly fragranced candle for those who prefer less scent. Take the fun of camping with you anywhere, anytime.


Cashmere and Lace: An alluring blend of dark plum, grapefruit, red currant, geranium and earthy cedar. Deeply rich with a high citrus note yet remaining earthy and warm.


Citrus Orchard Cucumber: Vibrant citrus fused with recognizable aroma of ripe cucumbers picked off the vine.


Cozy Cabin: A favorite year round here at Red Front Door Store. Bring the warmth, comfort and solace of a cozy time of year to your home anytime. Notes of pine, warm spices and a hint of campfire make this an outstanding choice. 


Into the Woods: Nature captured in this unique blend! Tart cranberry, red currant and blackberry jam blend perfectly with earthy cedar, warm spice and undertones of eucalyptus. One of the most complex blends.


Lavender: An enchanting meadow fringed with sprigs of lavender. For those of you on the fence about lavender, give this candle a try.

Lavender Honey: The perfect balance of calming lavender buds mixed with the distinct scent of honey and sunshine. An excellent choice for those who aren't sure about lavender, this candle is sure to make you a fan! 


Orange Blossom: Arizona is known for citrus, particularly the unmistakable scent when orchards are in bloom. Bees buzzing overhead, warm months ahead and fresh juicy citrus available everywhere you turn. This candle is sweet, delicate and freshly scented bringing this unique season to your home, anytime you crave it.


Strawberry Basil Lemonade: Fruity fusion of sweet in-season strawberry lemonade with cucumber and sweet basil. This candle is going to be the hit of the year - if you're a fruit fan or love sweet sweet, this is for  you! 


Sultry Nights: Blend of black currant, cherries and merlot with undertones of vanilla and oak. The perfect candle for the man in your life and for all of us who love something less sweet and more complex.


White Sage Lavender: Created just for us and the animal rescue project! Made in small batches with the perfect combination of floral lavender with dominant herbal and green notes. This fragrance is so calming but not overpowered by the scent of lavender.


A portion of the proceeds from Pink Honey Candle LLC sales are donated to local dog rescues. Buy knowing you share the love for our furry friends with your purchase. To date, over $7,000 has been donated to local rescues. To apply for a donation, visit their website.