Candle & Soap Set

Candle & Soap Set

We've teamed up with Pink Honey Candle (PHC) and Flg Candle Co. (FCC) to bring  you the perfect set. This two piece set includes one 16oz candle paired with one coordinating bar of soap by Little Cabin Soaps. 


Bamboo Coconut: Rich with creamy sweet notes of coconut, fresh green leaves and tender fruit. Perfect for every season, scented on the softer side. Paired with one Coriander stone soap.


Black Sea Candle (FCC): Sweet & salty oceanic scents combine with an undercurrent of amber and vanilla. A blend of predominantly cardamom and clove essential oils. Paired with one Winterstone soap stone. 


Cashmere and Lace Candle (PHC): An alluring blend of dark plum, grapefruit, red currant, geranium and earthy cedar. Deeply rich with a high citrus note yet remaining earthy and warm. Paired with one bar of Miss Victoria's Lace soap.


Cozy Cabin (PHC): A favorite year round here at Red Front Door Store. Bring the warmth, comfort and solace of a cozy time of year to your home anytime. Notes of pine, warm spices and a hint of campfire make this an outstanding choice. Paired with one bar of Chimney soap.


Cucumber Melon Candle (FCC): Lightly scented with notes of ripe melon, freshly sliced cucumber and a hint of summertime. Paired with one bar of Sweetgrass soap.


Into the Woods Candle (PHC): Nature is captured in this unique blend. Tart cranberry, red currant and blackberry jam blend perfectly with earthy cedar, warm spice and undertones of eucalyptus. One of the most complex blends of the season. Paired with one bar of Into the Woods soap.


Lavender Candle (PHC): Created just for us and this project! Made by Pink Honey Candle in small batches. A perfect combination of floral lavender with a hint of light green notes. This candle is wonderful for those who aren't sure about lavender. Paired with one bar of Lavender Provencal soap.


Unscented Candle (FCC): A great choice for those who want ambiance without fragrance. No color added, burns cleanly. Paired with one bar of Unscented bastille soap.


White Sage Lavender (PHC): The perfect combination of floral lavender with dominant herbal and green notes. This fragrance is so calming but not overpowered by the scent of lavender. Paired with one bar of Savon de la Ste. Sabine soap.


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