Eco Printed Scarves ~ by Bewoven Studio

Eco Printed Scarves ~ by Bewoven Studio

EcoPrinted Silk Scarves right here in Arizona by Bewoven Studio.

Eco printing or eco dyeing is part of the tradition of natural dyeing. Plant material, such as petals or leaves, are bundled in silk. Rather than the color coming from a dye made of plant extract or chemicals, the color and resulting pattern comes from the petal or leaf which is in contact with the silk. By using pressure, heat, moisture and time, the pigments are extracted producing a color print.


Every eco printed silk scarf is unique. The color and pattern can never be repeated. Every leaf has a different shape. The time of the year affects the botanical’s color and intensity.


The available colors come from the following botanicals:

  • Lavender: Stock flower petals and leaves
  • Light Golds: Assorted Flagstaff leaves
  • Sky Blue: Grevilia leaves with indigo overdye
  • Ivory and Copper: Long leaf eucalyptus


Due to different computer monitors and settings, screen colors may differ slightly from actual scarf colors. We've done our best to capture them accurately for you.