Soap Collections ~ by Little Cabin Soaps

Soap Collections ~ by Little Cabin Soaps

Created from scratch by  Little Cabin Soaps in sunny Arizona. Choose the collection that fits your style. 


Arizona Collection: This collection includes on bar each of:

Southwest Sunset, created with local raw honey from Sun Tan Honey Farm. Softly scented with notes of grapefruit, yuzu, lime and a hint of peach.

Arizona Sunrise, with calendula petals from the garden this batch is softly scented with lime and coriander. 

AZ Citrus Stone Soap, made with pink Himalayan sea salt, salt bars exfoliate, ideal for those who like rough scrubby bars of soap! Made with watermelon seed oil and shea butter.


Lavender Collection: Lavender is the number one selling soap among soap sales.  This collection includes one bar each of:

Lavender Driftwood, an exotic oil batch featuring two exotic oils. Cape Mahogany oil - rich and almost butter like. Pumpkin Seed oil, easily absorbed into skin without clogging pores.

Lavender & Lace, an oatmeal bar made with local honey from Sun Tan Honey Farm and nourishing cocoa butter. Sweetly scented with gentle exfoliation from ground raw oats.

Lavender Provencal, straight lavender for those who love love love lavender! Lightly floral, with locally grown organic lavender flowers added for gentle exfoliation.


Mint Collection: This unique collection features bars for all of you mint lovers!  This collection includes:

Bergamot Mint, a double milk soap scented softly with the essential oil. Lending a touch of mint and a hint of citrus, this is ideal for sensitive skin and noses.

Lavender Mint, brightly scented with notes of floral lavender, sweet spearmint and peppermint.

Rosemary Mint, an herbal goat milk soap created with fresh goat milk and local raw honey from Sun Tan Honey Farm.


Veggie Garden Collection: This unique collection features bars created with veggies from the garden! All are unscented, making this collection ideal for sensitive skin. This collection includes: Avocado, made with avocado butter, avocado oil, fresh avocado and spinach.

Carrot, created with carrot juice.

Cucumber Aloe created with fresh aloe vera right off the plant and fresh cucumber.


Sulfate free. Dye free. Paraben free. Tested on friends and neighbors, never animals. With a wide array of fragrances to choose from, you're sure to find your new favorite! Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us for more choices, full ingredient panels are available at